About us

Our History

We are a shib family-run business which decided to develop Mars in order to be able to afford a little block of land on Earth.

We truly believe that a decentralized finance system is not only necessary but also crucial to create a more equal society.

Cryptocurrencies, especially DOGE and Ethereum, are the means for that change to happen.

By venturing on this real estate development on Mars, we would like to set an example here on Earth for the use of NFTs as a record for public documentation, such as land titles.

Hopefully other real estate companies and other businesses will start accepting DOGE and other cryptocurrencies for payments.

69% of the NFTs sales profit will be donated to charity. A different charity organisation will be the recipient of that revenue for each phase of the project. All the donation receipts will be posted on this website.

The remaining, will be used towards making our dream come true: Buying a block of land and going off-grid by creating a self sustainable lifestyle to our family.

The DOGE received as payment for the lot registration will not be sold. This will go to our son’s wallet and he will not sell it until he turns 18. Little X is 14 months-old now and he is a HODLER toddler (I think I heard that somewhere else).

*Our son’s name is not X Æ A-1, his name just starts with an X as well.


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